if you are a defeated Nazi soldier, or Japanese would-be Samurai of WW2.

A truly awesome number of innocent Nazi and Japanese soldiers whose only ‘crime’ was to torture, main, and slaughter innocent bystanders went under the mallet when the vengeful Allies finally got full undisputed control.


“We were only following orders, dammit” really be a defense in a court of law? Obviously not. Not if you are a Victor seeking revenge and ‘to make an example for the future’.

But will ‘the future’ either listen or learn? I say not. Just as—




—is indisputable, so too ‘to the victor, the right to determine the bounds of Justice.

To the victor also goes the Right to determine the meanings of the words ethics, morality, truth, justice etc etc. Let us never forget that Might Makes Right. (Regardless of what any unpatriotic panty-waist egghead might try to tell you).


thus and I challenge anyone to argue this point:  it is the Victor who writes history.


Does this have any meaning at all to the great most of us? I say not. Orwell had it right: up is down, black is white, hot is cold … if you have the military power to not only say so but to make it so.


by a very interesting article I haven’t even finished reading yet. I got as far as the following quote before being overwhelmed. I may not finish it tonight, I’m still unhappy.

a drone, droning

a drone, droning

The article is about training the great and noble chairborne warriors of the US ‘drone warfare’ programme. Apparently the poor bastards have it real tough and deserve all their medals—

… With drones, that target is often a person. The legality and ethics of killing individuals with missiles carried by remotely operated aircraft has been the most controversial aspect of the US drone programme. The military and CIA do not disclose how many targets, or indeed bystanders, their drones have killed – the total number is believed to be in the thousands. But when it comes to who is a target, “that’s for the politicians to decide”, says Weaver. For the soldiers, their orders take precedence, like in any other mission …

—I’ve never flown a drone but I do like the idea of being able to go home to the wife and kids after a hard day’s killing wedding parties and funerals at the other side of the world. And not being responsible for any co-lateral damage you might create; or having to answer to any other sucker’s idea of what constitutes justice. You don’t have to fret such things when you have the biggest stick … and get to write the history.


the massive bombings and fire-bombings of all sides by all sides in WW2 were fully justified, especially the nuking of Japan and the equivalents in say … Hamburg and Dresden. So a few dozens of German civilian men, women and children went under the mallet from bombs dropped round the clock from about five miles up. Ya can’t make an omelette without bustin’ a few eggs, if y’ get what I’m sayin’?

obvious propaganda photo, don't fret

obvious propaganda photo, don’t fret

So don’t fret, little grunt (whoever you are, wherever you are) you are off the hook. Just lay your weapon on the bearings given and let rip; better more educated brains than yours pick your targets: you, Sir or Madam, are as blameless and pure as the driven snow.

Just pray that ‘they’ don’t win or you may find yourself feeling a “short sharp drop with a sudden stop” as the commodore guy said in Pirates of The Caribbean Pt 1. Just let your politicians decide, all you have to do is their dirty work.

Bear in mind though, that if ever there is a public backlash and the heat goes on … YOU will be the first to be charged with war-crimes, not them … look how Lt Calley paid the price, he got three weeks detention and stoppage of bubblegum. Man … did they ever sew him up and make an example~!

That article should you wish to read it came in tonight as a free teaser from New Scientist magazine. Images above courtesy of Wikipedia; oodles more where they came from.








what YOU make of it.

Yeah, YOU, Bub. This post today is up-close and personal. paradise, a dizzying spectacle

But first, a word from one of my favourite sages—

 “How sweet is mortal Sovranty!”–think some:
 Others–”How blest the Paradise to come!”
 Ah, take the Cash in hand and wave the Rest;
 Oh, the brave Music of a distant Drum!

—Khayyam, via Fitzgerald.

You don’t get musiculated homilies like these no more … dammit … and now, on to our Quote Of The Day—


“There are people who believe in a fourth dimension, where heaven is just on the other side of some wall,” Miller told NBC News. “An idea that I’m actually more interested in is that of the Internet as a place like heaven. People gather in worlds that suit them, that are like them, where they meet each other based on similar interests. There’s a kind of infiniteness to the Internet that’s similar to ideas of heaven, and a kind of democracy. The parallels have definitely been drawn there, and I think they’re interesting.”


Our beloved Internet as Heaven? It certainly seems to meet some of the definitions although not the common perceptions. Personally I like the “fluffy clouds, harps, and endless free booze” variants. If the houris have long blonde hair and big blue eyes, that’s even more better. So long as I don’t have to sing …


ploughing through Wiki’s heavenly stack of heavenly images of Heaven, I came across this—

Wiki images, Heaven

—which appeals greatly. I love red …

Some of the others rang my bell too (but I don’t dare use them ‘cos they are obviously copyrighted images).


Some for the Glories of This World; and some
 Sigh for the Prophet’s Paradise to come;
 Ah, take the Cash, and let the Credit go,
 Nor heed the rumble of a distant Drum!

—ol’ Fitzgerald was certainly a most busy wee bugger.


yet, I ploughed on. We researchers are nothing if not dogged. We just report the facts and never make assumptions; so on that theme let’s visit wiki again and get this image of a Virgin making an Assumption … into Heaven, no less:

Virgin makes assumptions



everyone seems to have Heaven as layers or concentric circles. And almost always up in the sky—why never on the seabed or down a volcano? Sure, I’d rather fly with eagles for all eternity than squelch about with octopi. Oops … with octopuses. Oops … with octopodes … bugger it: squids.


from decades ago that The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within Me.

Ouch. Now I have to carry round hundreds of millions of souls for all eternity? Not good. And even more worse—where the Hell do I go, when I pop off? (Oh, of course—I introspect a bit more. Simple, really.)


here’s a wee image, more yer traditional Christian view—why the guy with the gesture has to fill his Heaven with lots of little boys might be a bit suss in some quarters, but hey, even Roman emperors shared their pool—


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.42.28

—but it really has to be asked:

Mummy, why is the nice man carrying a Templar flag?

(Shush, Little Virgina—read on and all will be revealed …)

Did Knight and Lomas have a good point in their conjectures about the holey Shroud of Turin?

I’d be in heaven myself  if someone could give a definitive answer …










the rest of us can but admire. So don’t look for messages or meanings, just enjoy the artistry herein …


aka idiot (in modern usage) I often ask that ages-old question about “walking a mile in the other guy’s shoes“.  Now I find that someone else has done it, and done it better; as in the following images—

Russia—sneakily trying to surround innocent US bases

Russia—sneakily trying to surround innocent US bases


Be advised that I haven’t checked the accuracy of the above. Could be more, could be less. I was told once that at their peak the Roman Empire and the great Brit Empire had about 35 major bases … how many major bases does the US Empire have? I haven’t counted but it’s a few more actually … biggies; that is, and hundreds of littler ones. It’s amazing what Chinese monies wisely borrowed and invested can buy you.


it gets better. Just when you thought you might yet get that holiday to the pyramids you’ve been planning for years—

Even the Iranians have U.S. surrounded ...

Even the Godless Iranians have U.S. surrounded …


—someone comes up with something like this (above). Those blasted Iranians are obviously in the same boat as Russia, planning dire things for innocent US bases. It shouldn’t be allowed~! Okay, technically that’s not the same country as the pyramids but aren’t all ragheaded godless baby-eating unChristian WOGs the same?


if not now, they soon will be.

Currently flavour-of-the-week on TV is a show called ‘Game Of Thrones’. I’ve never seen it but imagine it’s all about an aristocratic class trying to both hold onto unearned power and privilege while expanding its grasp. Nothing new here—hell, we are living an actual genuine real Game Of Empires.


when you take a dispassionate look and realise that the USA is an empire in itself—an empire, with an empire of its own. What could be better than that? If, that is, it can hold out against all the threats gradually closing in and surrounding it … like Iran, for example (it’s all there in the image above, I can’t spell it out any better myself).



Yes, little Virginia—that was sarcasm. Sure beats simple satire any day …

IMAGES courtesy of:









there is a 


and often the reverse just isn’t pretty. Disgusting, maybe. Obscene even— too foul an impossibility to contemplate.


some deluded fools do contemplate. Unsung idiots whose tools are the phrase “What if?” and laborious research.

Worse, they flag up their observations.

And even more worse—they spell them out for the ostriches.


an ostrich. Now I’m a deluded idiot who believes that we should challenge everything that comes across our metaphoric desks and form our own conclusions. Fortunately we have some tools of our own, one of which is History. Sadly we still have to work at it. (Oh … I shouldn’t have used that ‘w’ word, not in public, please forgive.) But—

Read More:   LINK

—if you are willing to dig a little, I offer the webbie above as a modern starting point. I’ve read several of the writer’s books and found him (in light of my own efforts) reliable, although unpopular. To each his own, and good luck.




The above image is courtesy of Wikipedia





which, contrary to the beliefs of many starry-eyed idealists would NOT be a good thing.


in New Zealand, for example, who rules?

Cars, cash and property seized from Kim Dotcom by police in the 2012 raid at his Coatesville mansion could be returned to him within the next 14 days.

When police raided the Dotcom Mansion in January 2012 they seized $6 million of luxury cars – including 15 Mercedes-Benz, a pink 1959 Cadillac and a Rolls-Royce Phantom – and $10 million from financial institutions.

They also took a number of personal items belonging to Dotcom and his wife Mona.

The property was seized under a foreign restraining order made by the United States District Court two days before the raid.

However today an order was made in the High Court at Auckland declining a police request to effectively extend the order so Dotcom’s assets could be retained.

Minutes ago Dotcom tweeted about the ruling.

“Breaking News: High Court ruling just now. Mona and I are getting our New Zealand assets back, unless the Crown appeals,” he said.

(emphasis mine) Read more:   HERE

The US government is one of the only two (to my knowledge—please correct me if wrong) that preserves and rigidly inflicts the ‘right’ to universally tax its Taxman and blind servicecitizens anywhere in the world. No escape. If you’re a Yank then regardless of location you are simply a funds-grubbing slave to your ‘freedom’ state.


more and more Americans are bailing out. You know, jumping ship, signing off from their beloved Birthrights, getting away, quitting the Land Of The Free — taking up citizenship of some other country and no longer funding good ol’ Uncle Sam. Just a trickle right now but increasing annually.

The USG will have to act, and fast, lest the trickle become a tsunami.


  • Can you expect the cost of getting a passport to go up horrendously?
  • Can you expect laws to be enacted to prevent you holding a second citizenship?
  • Will the delay in getting the passport you apply for increase until you’ll need months—or even years—of advance notice?
  • Will you need to be signed off with the IRS (namely a very comprehensive ‘tax audit’ first)?
  • Will you need to do the rounds with a checklist, and acquire a clean bill of health from the police?
  • Will it become a case of if you are overstaying your expected absences for any reason your assets will be frozen and held in limbo until you’ve satisfied Boards Of Enquiry—at their leisure?


But just try having private funds. Even sadder, just try having any say in what is done with the monies you have worked for, that your government has ‘taxed’ … oh, of course! Representative Democracy! How silly of me, to overlook that. Of course you tell your government what to do … hold me tight.


the US government can tell New Zealanders what to do—to order us to persecute one wealthy guy (which it seems we have done with great enthusiasm) and get us to — without referendum — commit troops and treasure to ‘fighting’ America’s lost causes?


I’m just another sheep for the skinning. But it cracks me up when I hear ignorant people babbling about how wonderful it will be to have just one government for the whole world—one set of laws, no need for passports, one worldwide currency (and all to Christian principles of course).

Before I leave: does anyone know how many pages there are to the US tax-code(s)? And whether there’s any individual citizen anywhere with a functioning keep-me-out-of-jail grasp of the whole? Just askin’—