one might miss the joys of technology and the keeping up with all the unrequested and unsought unwelcome (and for all I know, unnecessary) changes.


previously when making a post and needing to colourise some text I’d highlight said text and then click on the button that dropped a lovely selection which looked (past tense, note) like this—


WP colour chart

—indeed. But now I get a much smaller selection lacking the lovely White I used often, and now with all the greys you can ever wish for should you be happy to wish for just the ‘take it or leave it‘ option.

Beggars,” the Sage often says wisely, “cannot be choosers.” Methinks the cranky old sod has a point.

But in so much as no-one is actually forcing me to use WordPress—when there’s no end of competition out there, I seem to opt for begging. An optimist?

So here’s a challenge of my own:

Go ahead, WP … keep making undesirable changes and inflicting them on We, the Beggary. With a perverse curiosity I feel the need to test my own limits, and find at what point I say to (your well-meaning (?) souls desperate to justify their existence by doing things) “Goodbye,  fare thee well, and thanks for all the frustra fish.”


now we’re choosing our colourings from something that looks like this—

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.39.13

<— not that We the Great Unwashed (punters) would ever notice the difference. Much.

It’s been like that a while now, and suddenly, very briefly it reverted—and I was able to capture the uppermost image here. Now of course it’s rereverted back* to <— this.

I have to wonder why. But like the well disciplined cavalrymen of the famed Light Brigade—ours is not to wonder why, ours is but to use (or get the hell out of Dodge).

I have no idea if it is a permanent thing or not, or if it can be reversed, or if the uneducated unpaying freeloaders (like wot I am one of) will/would ever have a choice. semper vigilans

HERE, have a nice satisfied WP customer—



* Tautology? Never heard of it …


WPC: abstract


the last before the next Challenge. Boom boom!

Colours on a car park (invercargill's 'War

Being of course, wet car park reflections of Invercargill’s “The Warehouse” store. Driving on, in a totally different similar vein …

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.08.18

Reflections in an oily sheen outside the drive-thru car wash in Tay Street. How come they can’t spell ‘through’ I have no idea, but they’re making a buck whilst making their mess—but they do the decent thing every night, hosing it down …


the theme of cars, can abstracts be orderly? Why not—if some great modern ‘art’ can be orderly abstracts (the highly talented JP ran about his canvases slopping paint with rapturous abstract abandonment and made a fortune doing so) then Father Nature* can too—

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.05.04

—as in these things as wot you’ll never guess.

So I’ll tell you.


But whilst with Nature, here’s a likely pair—

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.08.59

Each of them being—

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.13.25

—indiscriminate natural abstractions. The barky one you may touch, stroke, and if so inclined even cuddle. Lucky you.

But the green one is for your eyes only … and if the wind is flapping it about (very flappable, I tell you!) then give it a wide and deeply respectful berth. As nice and as orderly as the abstract makes it seem:  it is as if made of case-hardened sharpened glass. (It’s the wee flappety branch of a tree, snapped end on.)

Talking ends, I’ll end this post with a chillier shot abstracted from—

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.11.01

—a gently babbling brook in Queenstown in winter on a sunny day. To dunk a toe into this pristine tinkle is a very brief exercise, one not repeated often (if ever). Furthermore, brrrr!

And now to await the coming week’s Challenge.


Boom boom!


* I’m an equal opportunity non-sexist indiscriminate modern too, you know. Why should the putative ‘gentle’ gender get all the kudos, hey?



Mentioned before, but I can’t resist raising it again—I was told that electromagnetic radiation travels in straight lines. Such as light … and observation shows that light spreads out. This could of course be because many sources can be considered as being of many ‘point sources’ all working together. Okaaaaay …


Your satellite dish has to be aimed at the transmitting satellite. So?

So … and radar works by bouncing radio waves off of obstructions (although I did read an interesting article to the effect that the waves don’t bounce at all; on impact they stimulate the target to re-radiate at the same frequency) etc etc. Well and good, the radar-radio wave hits the target and is deflected/bounced/reradiated without penetrating.

So: walking around Southland one often sees this scenario—

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 14.54.16


—and sometimes to an even more impressive degree. I pause often to wonder—

  • do the signals pass through the iron roof to the dish?
  • does the iron roof itself resonate and somehow re-transmit to the dish?
  • do the signals trip over the peak and tumble down into the dish?

—not that it really worries me. Last winter we lost our own signal one interesting night, and next morning I saw that signals don’t penetrate several inches of snow too well either. Live and learn …

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Little Virginia, how very nice yo see you. Yes?”

“Mr Argus … is Uncle Sam missing a trick here?”

“How so, pes Pet?”

“Could he not make his ‘stealth ships’ more stealthier by packing ’em in snow?”


“Then the radars wouldn’t bounce or retransmit, would they?”

Methinks the child has a point.

You take it, Sam.

And don’t forget—you have an unlimited budget. Go get’em, Tiger~!





of Egypt.
GP of E, c:o Goo

Okay, everyone seems to have pyramids all over the place but only the GP of E holds me with so intense a fascination.


years I read more and more but retain less and less. Bummer. So I blitz for just the flavour, and integrate that. Brrr.

Everyone, it seems, is enthralled and enchanted by the GP. And so they should be: millions of blocks, oodles of weight, buckets of history—and all in the one compact pointy heap. Nice. Built by Khufu, we are told, about four and a bit thousand years ago. (Khufu is also Cheops if you’re a bit confused.) But—

“Nay, not so,” say some, “it was built a loooong time before that.”

But when you read it up it once again devolves to Establishment versus Cranks, nutters, and a few Mavericks with Phds. Even the ‘space alien’ devotees put in a cheerful bid.


the multitudes of eyebrow-rising theories. And some of them are quite plausible. Those blasted space aliens I can’t go along with (but in view of scientific progresses in my own lifetime I’m no longer arrogant enough to rule them out).

Did you know that the damned GP is hollow?

Maybe not completely, but there’s all sorts of passages and shafts and chambers and things running about in it—

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 20.02.22

—some of which have fancy names. And fanciful descriptions … time and time again I read that some of those shafts align with stars; I like that in a monument. I don’t understand it, but I like it.


whenever possible. I like simple … suppose you went outside at night, set up a tripod and pointed your telescope at (say) Tycho, on the moon—

a moon
a moon

—you wriggle around a bit, zoom in, refocuss and de-fuzzy; and once set up you decide to go get a well deserved beer—

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 20.13.12

a Tycho

—and make yourself a nice hamburger whilst raiding the cooler—what should you expect on return to your lovely telescope twenty minutes later with your pile of burgers and crate of beer?

CLUE:      expect to be a bit disappointed.

QUERY:   why?

Because you would find that your telescope is no longer aligned with Tycho. In fact, there’s a very good certainty that it’s no longer aligned with the moon.

So if after twenty minutes (or seconds~!) your carefully calibrated and aligned telescope isn’t … then why should anyone claim those shafts in the GP of E to be aligned with ‘certain stars’, especially after thousands of years?

I keep reading that a shaft is aligned with Al Nitak (one of the stars in Orion’s belt). Wow. But I don’t see that … I do concede that maybe on the day it was built, perhaps. Even with the slow wobbles of the planet and all that stuff, perhaps for quite a wee while afterwards too. But there are variables in the equations:

Q: How do they know when the pyramid was built?

A: Because the shaft lines up with Orion!

Q: How do they know the shaft lined up with Orion?

A: Because that’s what it was pointing at when they built it …

I keep getting the impression that all is guesswork. Some experts guess that Khufu’s pyramid was built to be Khufu’s tomb by Khufu. Others say that no Khufu was ever found in Khufu’s pyramid and that far from being his tomb it was always completely empty. Bugger—normally megalomaniacs like to sign their handiwork but Khufu (biggest and best pyramid) with commendable modesty left not a trace of himself anywhere in it.

Others suggest that normally evolution goes from primitive to wow, not the other way around. But the biggest and bestest pyramid was apparently also built firstest, with an evolving decline in standards towards increasing recency. Bugger …


Internal layout of the GP of E


about the GP of E makes any sense. Everywhere we look nice people assure us that it’s the most precisely aligned (to true north) building on the face of this planet. Wow, not easy using garden rakes and hand-held balls of granite to level thirteen acres of ground (perfectly) and host such an erection; especially with a few thousand well-whipped slaves (oops, silly me, that was last year’s fact) hundred volunteers pulling on rollers. How they got those seventy ton blocks of granite (waaaaaayyyy up inside) is anyone’s guess. Lots of wooden wedges, perhaps?

BUT WAIT GreatPyramid09

it gets even better if you go further into fantasy land. Some would have us believe that the GP is a ‘prophecy in stone’ and that specific measurements of various passageways and internal landmarks can be aligned (in a manner of speaking) with human history. These I put into the same basket as our famous Space Aliens—great to bring out at social gatherings to get things heated but not really helpful.


that (this is what really delights me) nobody actually knows. I like that in my experts, a blissful childlike state. As I often tell folks: “Today’s state of the art, facts wise, is often merely conjecture; consensus, and fashion—tomorrow’s big giggle.

But in the meantime ‘scientific’ dogma is holding up progress—perhaps some of our nutters actually aren’t? (Those impossible Wright brothers spring readily to mind …)







I finally found it. Yay!

Good ol’ Google.

Good ol’ U-toob.

Good ol’ everyone who read my recent post mentioning this (bunch of high-spirited wee scamps keeping themselves off the streets) act of youthful exuberance and patriotic self expression.

And now, here’s your reference screenshot by way of intro—

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 19.18.54

—If you’re having trouble using the screenshot pic itself as a link, here’s the source: CLICK HERE 


not everyone—

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 19.31.10

—can accept what they see on face value*      ——>   

Although I have to ask: what exactly is Islam like if the video you’ve just gone off and watched isn’t really like what Islam really is like, like?


“Victory,” they tell us, “goes to the stayer~!”


I guess the guys under those smashed up slabs plan on staying. They’ve been there a while already — unless some Islamic hero decides that to dig ’em up and feed their bones to the dogs would make a louder statement. (This is where we indignant folks—if anyone other than me really gives a damn—have the last laugh; Islamics don’t keep dogs … so they’ll just have to eat all the bones themselves~!)

I hope they bloody choke on them … meanwhile, let this guy have the last word—

spins down

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 19.31.39



* This guy can. And can’t. Are you allowed to be so selective, when in pursuit of Truth? (Oh … really?)